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  • Inexpensive way to locate a short in your truck

    Wes March 15, 2018

    Simple and inexpensive way to diagnose if your electrical system has a short. By: Wes Hepp 1) Disconnect your negative battery cable. 2) With your key in the “OFF” position, place a test light between the end of negative battery terminal and the negative post on your battery. (The test light should come on if […]

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I created this company out of the affection I have for these trucks and the desire to sell high quality parts at reasonable prices. When you purchase from us, you are working with someone who, like you, owns, drives and works on these trucks. Not just some Operator who knows only part numbers. So whether you are looking for that “Hard To Find” used, “N.O.S.”, or that high quality “Aftermarket” part, we will do our best to supply it.

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