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  • 67 Panel Project Page 1

    Wes April 10, 2020

    This section is dedicated to the “Rodstoration” of our 67 C/10 Panel Truck. We hope to document the highlights and lowlights of this project as they happen to us. The idea is to give you an idea of what all is involved with restoring one of these trucks. We will be doing some mild customizations […]

  • 67 Panel Project Page 2

    Wes April 10, 2020

    Another problem we ran into was the “Barn Doors” and rear quarters on the rear of our project. We can tell this truck received heavy use in it’s former life and we will have to replace the doors, straiten the rear sill, fix the dents, and replace the lower R/H rear quarter where the former […]

  • 67 Panel Project Page 3

    Wes April 13, 2020

    Here is a picture of the engine that I removed from one of our donor trucks. It is a “396ci. Big Block, that was original to a 68 GMC. VERY IMPORTANT NOTE Whenever you remove an engine from another truck that is a completely different engine that was in your truck, remove everything!! Alternator, power […]

  • 67 Panel Project Page 4

    Wes April 13, 2020

    The next set of illustrations are some of the things that needed to be done to be able to convert our Panel’s chassis to accept, the 396 engine, quick ratio power steering, front sway bar, and prepare the chassis for the 700R4 automatic transmission. Some of these steps will apply to all “1967” chassis, and […]

  • 67 Panel Project Page 5

    Wes April 13, 2020

    Something else that we did that is specific to all 67 chassis is to heat, and indent the frame rail where the new quick ratio power steering gear mounts. We would have to have done this whether or not we chose the quick ratio power steering, or just the standard power steering that was used […]

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