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Old 06-29-2005, 02:34 AM
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1994 Chevy 1500 Series Cowboy conversion

I just bought a 1994 Chevy 1500 Series pickup. I would like to know where the cheapest place to buy a engine. I would like to put a 350 or a 454 engine in the truck. I have to go to school that's about 40 miles away. I live at the top of a steep hill. I'm in colorado and it gets bad in snow. I would like to have money in my pocket but at the same time be able to race the truck, pull trailers (I ride motocross) and go fast up the highway. Right now the truck tops out at about 103 miles an hour. Well that's what speed I got clocked at on the high way with my brother. We were able to talk our selfs out of a 12 point ticket. The truck is almost all stock. I new seats in it. I still have yet to put a new sterio in the truck. It has a new exaust, it's a cross over so that it doesn't sound like a bee. I'm not going to be drag racing or ruining my truck. I just want power. I have been looking around and engines and wireing and the computer and the trans. adds up to about $2900. I don't want to spend more than about $1000. Becuase I paid $1250 for the truck last week. It has nice rims on it and some nice tires. I need to get the dents out of the truck. I plan on putting alot of time and money in the truck. It's an automatic, it has a 292 small block in it right now. I was thinking about putting a 350 in it and booring it out to 400. But then I'm going to come up to some one with a 454 and there going to smoke me. I'm going to a new high school next year to start my junior year. I want to go to the school with a bad *** truck. Right now it's moruine (purple). I want to paint it Pural white and put 2 S.S. stripes down the hood and on the tail gate. But not on top of the cab. I think that would make it look dumb. I want it to be a show truck, if you know what I mean. It has the orginal sterio in it. And if you were to buy a 1500 series at that time the sterio points to the driver. So I was thinking about taking that out and putting it where the tape deck is. I also though that were the radio/ ac controls are right now. i could keep the ac controls and but a nice plate over the upper part. Where the radio was. And but all the controls for fog lights there. I have 4 Air Craft Carrier landing lights in my room. I think that if I was to put them behind the grill, when I'm coming up the high way and theres an idiot in the left lane I could turn them on and it would like blind them. I also live up a dirt road so I would be able to see all the deer and elk on the road. I think that if I was to put 2 of the air craft carrier landing lights were under my bumper, then if i'm backing up I could turn them on and see everything behind me. I will get you pictures of the truck tomorrow. I have it all nice and detalied. I would like some feed back of what you would do. I'm sorry for writing so long, but I figured I could put it all out there and you would read it and give me good/bad feel back. Thanks

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