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awesome! yeah ive had a couple different 403 and 425 engines, youre doing what i ive always wanted to. to put one in one of these engines into one of these trucks, over the years, but i never had a truck and one of these engines sitting at the same time to put them together. so it never happened. but all u need are the 73-up frame mount stands from a truck and the olds/caddy style engine mount clamshells and block brackets. like the 78-85 diesel 350 ones in the B body cars and C10 trucks. i just had a 77 buick electra 403 car daily driver i shoulda maybe kept it,. i am picking up a late 70s or early 80s big GMC 6000 soon locally for cheap cheap to ply with and drive, and it if needs engine replaced by chance then i want to put an olds v8 in it. with a hi torque camshaft and milled heads for extra torque output that these trucks need. bellhousing for the 4 speed and Z bar clutch pedal linkage mounting woul dbe interesting though. id have to fab up weld up brackets. and probably couldnt do it if its got a 13" clutch. unless i downgraded to a 12 i guess. hmm..
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looking for an old chevy gmc work truck 70s-older 4 speed one ton or bigger preferred. have: '57 Bel Air, 72 Chevelle SS454, '68 Corvair Monza vert, 54 F100, 93 Lumina APV, 93 Vision, and more. text me 217 828 0964 anytime misterwabbit78 on FB
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