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heya Billy buddyyyyyyy hope you been doing great out there! yeah some day i really need to just get far and away outta here, because im sooo done with rain and green and rust and seasons and snow and ice and hmm.. lol. next to nothing is really keeping me over here actually. i dont know why im still here. hmm.. just been pretty much wasting time over here really, just by being here where i am heh. wut u doing? what all 67-72 u have these days? theres none left over here, zero, nada,. zippo. all gone now. i tried to project a 72 C20 i picked up here locally last fall,, but it was so far gone it had no floors or anything structually was weak the whole cab structure and there was a huge chunk of frame rail rusted mssing gone at one of the leaf hanger brackers. so... had to cut it up part it scrap it, all i have left of it is the rear frame with the dana 60 3.54 and leafs. fail.. :/
i found this 67 gmc 3500 but i already know theyre gonne want wayyyy to much for it..
hey you do facebook or anything? peace!
Lincoln, IL
looking for an old chevy gmc work truck 70s-older 4 speed one ton or bigger preferred. have: '57 Bel Air, 72 Chevelle SS454, '68 Corvair Monza vert, 54 F100, 93 Lumina APV, 93 Vision, and more. text me 217 828 0964 anytime misterwabbit78 on FB

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