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Originally Posted by busterwivell View Post
Wish I could help, but I've only used original stuff. I remember seeing a repro tailgate that had been painted and installed, and it bent from people sitting on it!
OK thanks, Still waiting for other answers. This is why I ask the question who makes the best parts.

PS; Why cutup a perfectly good truck when you can get replacement parts for it. Cutting up the old trucks only ends up with less of them out there and whats left ONLY makes them more EXPENSIVE which makes no sense to most but it does make sense ($$$$$$$$$$$$) wise to the ones cutting them up. What a CHEEP & CHICKEN $ H ! T way of maken a buck when restoring them back to there glory gets you much more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ in the end. I can just almost guaranty what we see for sale at Barret Jackson's auction them $70,000 trucks are not like they came off the assembly line, most will have had some kind of "repo-part" used to get them restored. just my .02
Swallow Pride & get the Answer Needed

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