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It's realy not too bad to do. Just time consuming. I cut most of the old rocker off to give me better acces to the spot welds holding it in place. Then you can either use an air chissle or spot weld drill to remove the rest. If there isn't any other rust, then just set the new rocker back in place and close the door. Adjust the rocker so the line under the door is strait and the door is not hitting the rocker anywhere. Then I use self tapping screws to hold the rocker in place while I drill and plug weld it. Remove screws and weld them shut. If you have rust in other places, like the floor, kick panel, or floor support, this must be repaired before you weld the rockers in place. I cut and fit the floor support first, then the floor section gets cut out and a new piece fitted using the old piece as a template. Then the kick panel gets done, again useing the piece I cut out as a template to cut the new piece. The buggest problem that I have is patients. You go too fast with this and you will warp the pieces welding them in place. WES
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