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climberman 04-16-2015 10:35 AM

steering column
I am trying to decide whether to have an automatic steering column or put a shifter on the floor. I have a 283 and a power glide transmission. I would rather have the shifter in the steering column so there is more room on the floor of the truck. But will the steering column shift a power glide transmission because I think that most of the automatics for trucks were 350's. Anyway I don't have the steering column ether that might be a hard one to find.

busterwivell 04-17-2015 08:15 AM

You shouldn't have any problems making an automatic column work with your powerglide. I don't know if they make a shift indicator for a powerglide, though. Columns aren't that hard to find, I've found two, both were under $100.00. If you can't locate one where you are, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

climberman 04-17-2015 09:53 AM

Hi busterwivell

I am glade you posted you can buy indicators, someone in another forum gave me a link to a supplier.
Also I may have found a column I offered him a $100 and he wants to think about. So I sent him a copy of your post because that is a good indicator of the cost, I guess I offered to much.


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