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Fast68Chevy 02-27-2017 09:15 AM

lots of random steering and inside cab and dash parts from a 72 pickup, some 67 68 to
all kinds of random parts from a 72 chevy Custom packaged pickup 2wd.

power steering box, and center link disc brake bar and intermediate column to box shaft assembly good. can swap sector shaft out to a 4x4 one easily if needed. have 2wd pitman arm too. 71-72 stuff.
-custom 20 fender badges
-350 and 400 badges
-ign key switch cylinder and bezel and spacer and switch assy. with key, threads not stripped or damaged large style.
-pair of matching door locks and clips and key
-nice pair of parchment color sun visors with good large operating label on the driv side one. clean no damage
-complete set of parchment bench seat belts decent to good all except for some damage on the plastic shrouds on the retractor cover sleeves.
-67 68 grille red bowtie
-67 68 gmc and chevy base original horn caps metal, gmc one is chromed bright, chevy one is gray
-one 67 68 bright grille original opening molding one or two dings, fine otherwise,
-one bright 67 68 chev alum original headlamp bezel, have to check which side it is for sure.
-pair of taillight metal bases socket assemblies great.
-pair of 71 72 parking lamp bases/sockets
-wiper motor assembly with hoses lines and metal squirter jets, great no breaks damage anything, also linkagesand stainless arms all original nice
-various 67 and 68-72 dash control knobs, all different. some bright and some black.
-front park brake cable assy very nice cond. 69-72
-park brake pedal assy nice 69-72 also release knob and shaft
-glovebox door assembly. dark green. no boxes liners. or latch knob
-ashtray assy complete and cig lighter and socket, great.
-various heater system parts, no blower or blower box or heater control unit or cables
-30-40 year old aftermarket 8-track am/fm sterio, shaft knobs style also orig rear radio brace bracket.
-orig clutch upper rod firewall hole cover, metal with rubber side
-exh pipe heat shield under floor firewall for 402 trucks
-pair of front door glasses and some other door internal parts including release latches and rods and strikers and plates and pass side hinge assemblies nice and more.
-pair of bench seat tracks
-all 71 72 accel pedal parts and cable assembly, factory, for 4bbl engines

-washer fluid jug and fender bracket
-grille rad support vertical center brace large style
-original DELCO horn, single large
-turn signal harness adapter 67 68 half moon to 69-up flat blade style
-column horn contact parts various 67 68 and 69-72 pieces

lots more

no clusters/guages, or large wire harnesses, or steering wheels, frames, disc brakes or spindles or control arms, or brake booster, or crossmembers or shift lever linkages, or columns, or seats, or body parts, all these sold or were no good(rusted)- but do have the hood and some various braces brackets hinges bolts hardware clips retainers etc.

what you looking for? fair offer? dont know? mail USPS paypal ? text 217 828 0964 anytime

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